CS_Studio_Construction of the theatre, besides Guga S'thebe
CS_Studio_Delft Symphony Way-Local youth doing mosaic

Carin Smuts

CS Studio Architects


Human energy is what the architecture of Carin Smuts (CS Studio Architects) draws inspiration from. Since 1982 Carin Smuts has worked in disadvantaged marginalised contexts within South Africa and Namibia. The firm focuses on finding sustainable solutions which are based on economic, social and environmental principals. Over 100 projects have been completed by CS Studio Architects. All the projects are built with local materials and local skilled and unskilled people.

CS Studio Architects has a reputation locally and internationally to produce innovative cost effective design solutions. In 2008 Carin Smuts received the Global Award for sustainable architecture in France. The award was given for the body of work which over 20 years focussed on involving people to create more sustainable environments.

  • Client - CS Studio Architects
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