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DMCOLLECTION_Copyright Alvaro Siza

Drawing Matter Practice in Display #1:
Álvaro Siza – Social Landscapes

14th Alvar Aalto Symposium, 7-9 August, 2015
Jyväskylä City Theatre Lobby
(Symposium venue)

Curated by Markus Lähteenmäki and Manuel Montenegro

DMCOLLECTION_Copyright Alvaro Siza2



Drawing Matter is a family of activities that champions the belief that buildings act in concert with their surroundings and conditions and that architecture is a continuous body of ideas in constant need of reinvention. It is grounded in a collection, dating from the Renaissance to today, that focuses on drawings as the primary evidence of the exploration of ideas. This is one of a series of actions in which the collection is probed to see what new light is shed on critical moments and issues through that lens and from the long perspective of history.

Practice in Display: Álvaro Siza – Social Landscapes
is an evolving display of drawings to present, address and open up concepts for further discussion. It will take on the themes of the 2015 Alvar Aalto Symposium – questions of practice, local and social – by probing the design process of the Bouça housing project by Álvaro Siza, developed between 1972-1978 as an attempt to reconfigure the social landscape in Porto during a revolutionary period.

The display will consist of two sets of drawings. Alongside an original set of presentation drawings, which will remain throughout the three days to give an overall image of the project, will be displayed a daily changing selection of studies depicting key moments in the design processes, accompanied with relevant references.

The drawings selected for the changing display present how Siza addresses some fundamental aspects of creating space in three different scales. Day one begins with the urban landscape, the existing fabric of the city and creating the new fabric of the block within it. Day two moves to refining the local landscape and connections within the block. On day three the focus will be on the domestic landscapes and the detailing. In other words, the first day addresses the site as if seen when driving a car, the second day as if walking through it, and the third as if sitting down and living in it.

The display presents Siza working within the tradition and continuum of the Modernist type of clustered row houses, drawing from previous examples such as the Stuttgart Weissenhof Siedlung, Bruno Taut, J.J.P. Oud, and not the least Alvar Aalto; addressing problems of the buildings in relation to the site, of the buildings in relation to each other, and the organization of the lives of the inhabitants within the newly created social landscape.

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